From Strategy with Kristy: Insights for New Players from Aaron "WiltonTilt" Wilt

Aaron Wilt

In the latest episode of the Strategy with Kristy podcast, Kristy is joined by Deuces Cracked instructor Aaron "WiltOnTilt" Wilt for an interesting, insightful conversation that includes a lot of worthwhile tips and ideas for new players to consider.

Wilt has a long history of poker coaching, having been associated with Deuces Cracked for a number of years where he has made over 170 instructional videos. Wilt also co-hosts a podcast of his own, Live Poker Edge, which focuses on strategy discussions and session reviews.

A couple of points Wilt touches on during his conversation with Kristy concern the need both to reflect on one's own play as well as to think more specifically about what other players are doing at the table.

A lot of times when players are first starting out they develop a playing style and fall into certain patterns of decision-making without necessarily thinking about the reasons why certain moves are successful and others are not. Wilt points out how important it can be to understand one's own play as a means to help one better understand what others are doing.

"Focusing on your own range is so valuable," says Tilt, referring to the "range" of hands you might have that would lead to your playing a hand in a certain way. Understading one's own tendencies in this regard can then help you think more specifically about what other players are doing at the table — and how their "ranges" or ways of playing might differ from your own.

"If you know what you have in every single spot, it's much easier for you to notice differences in other people's strategy," explains Wilt. "If I know I would never play a certain hand in a particular way and I see someone else do that, then that gives me an insight into differences about how me and that other person think about poker," thus giving you knowledge that you can "extrapolate into future strategy adjustments" against that particular opponent.

Give the podcast a listen for more helpful advice from Wilt.

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