Poker Odds Calculator Desktop Application

The Poker Odds Calculator desktop application is the universal widget which can be installed to any operational system (OS); Windows, Macintosh or Linux. It has all the features of the web-based PokerNews Poker Odds Calculator. You don't need to download a file to your desktop, simply install directly from your browser by clicking on the 'Install Now' button:

This software has been created using Adobe Air technology and will initialize Adobe Air install first, should you not already have it on your computer. Please follow all Adobe Air installation instructions.

After this desktop gadget is installed, please launch it from your desktop or Mac applications dock.

To keep it on top of all applications (it is especially useful if you run a few poker room windows simultaneously), please click the left application management icon

To minimize the application, click on the middle icon.

Thanks to this fantastic desktop gadget, all poker players can now quickly and easily calculate their odds with a few simple clicks of the mouse.