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Ask Orenstein: Poker is a Great Game for Both Young and Old

Henry Orenstein has played poker from age 10 to age 90, and well exemplifies how poker can be a great game for both young and old.

The Slippery History of “Big Slick”

From where comes the strange-if-you-think-about-it hold'em hand nickname for ace-king -- "Big Slick"?

Great Reads: Poker in the Fiction of John D. MacDonald

Get introduced to fiction writer John D. MacDonald whose many novels touch directly and indirectly on poker and its many connections with life.

Learn Op-Ed: Cheating in Poker, Past and Present

The attempt at cheating at a recent tournament is hardly representative of how poker is usually played in casinos today.

Poker & Downton Abbey: An Unlikely Journey into Poker Culture

Poker makes an appearance on the PBS show "Downton Abbey," prompting Jim Dixon to discuss a term used on the episode -- "card sharp."